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TOPIC: Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate | 중급 - 중고급자

Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate | 중급 - 중고급자 4 years 2 months ago #99

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Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate/중급 - 중고급자

All students wanting to start at this level should still complete the Fundamental Video Series (Fundamental Verbs and English Fundamentals) to reinforce your current knowledge and to help fill in any gaps that you may have (we do this to reinforce your base knowledge).

이 레벨의 강의를 시작하고 싶으신 분들은 기초 영어 동영상 시리즈(기초 동사 및 기초 영어)를 먼저 끝내시는 편이 좋습니다.

At this stage your study routine will not change a lot, however what you focus on will. At this level we really encourage you to focus on the content of the video and the way the words and phrases (listed on the PDF) are being used (of course you must also listen to the MP3 and complete the PDF). We also want you to start focusing on your weaknesses. If you find writing difficult, then spend extra time on practicing your writing. If you feel that your weakness is listening (as is very common), then really focus on practicing your listening skills by re-doing past comprehension tests. Research suggests that those who really focus on correcting their errors and addressing their weaknesses have a better chance of mastering the skill they are trying to learn. So for the next 3 – 4 months we really want you to focus on the skills you think you are the weakest in and on the lessons that will help you improve your knowledge in areas where you are lacking (for most people this means they will need to focus on the writing and video sections on the PDFs, Slang, Verbs for Fluency, and Proverb lessons).

이 단계에서는 스터디 패턴보다는 공부 방법에 있어 변화를 주는 편이 좋습니다. 동영상의 콘텐츠와, 단어 및 문구가 어떻게 사용되고 있는지에 집중하도록 해보세요. 자신의 약점을 파악하고 그에 맞는 학습 방법을 찾으세요.

Please complete the following / 초급자에게 추천하는 강의

Day-to-Day: Complete 1 or 2 lessons per week (Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, or both). You should try to complete 25 topics (Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels) before attempting the Advanced lessons. N.B. You may have already completed a selection of Intermediate level lessons. Only 10 of these should be counted in your final total. This means you must attempt at least 15 new topics at the intermediate level and any 25 topics for the Upper Intermediate level.

데이 투 데이: 일주일에 1, 2개의 강의를 들으세요. (중급 및 중고급) 고급 강의로 넘어가기 전에 25개의 토픽을 모두 끝내는 편이 좋습니다.

Reading Comprehension: Complete all of the lessons in the Intermediate section (we suggest attempting each lesson twice).

독해: 중급 섹션에 있는 강의를 모두 끝내세요. 각 강의는 2번 반복하시는 것이 좋습니다.

Idioms: Complete 1 or 2 lessons per week. 이디엄: 일주일에 1, 2개의 강의를 들으세요.

Verbs for Fluency: Complete 1 or 2 lessons per week. 유창해지기 위한 동사: 일주일에 1, 2개의 강의를 들으세요.

Slang: Complete 1 or 2 lessons per week. 슬랭: 일주일에 1, 2개의 강의를 들으세요.

Music Lessons: As often as you like. 음악: 원하시는 대로 플랜을 짜서 들으세요.

Video Lessons: As many as you like (N.B. Make sure that you complete the Pronunciation Video Series).

동영상 강의: 원하시는 대로 플랜을 짜서 들으세요. (참고: 발음 교정 강의를 먼저 들으시는 편이 좋습니다.)

Note: At this level you should be challenging yourself to study everyday and to teach what you have learned to a friend or family member. You should also be trying to stop using the Korean translations to help you. Try to just focus on the English.

참고: 이 레벨의 학생들은 매일 공부를 하고 배운 내용을 친구 및 가족들과 공유하는 연습을 하시면 좋습니다. 한국어 번역에 의존하지 마시고 영어에만 집중해 보세요.

Note: Make sure you are reviewing previous lessons at regular intervals. We suggest reviewing your PDFs every 10 lessons.

참고: 주기적으로 지난 강의를 복습하도록 하세요. 10개의 강의가 끝날 때마다 PDF를 복습하는 편이 좋습니다.
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